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Worcester may seem like nothing more than a big city, but its diversity of cultural attractions should not be overlooked. Worcester is a cultural stronghold, with museums and performance venues in almost every corner of the city for the arts - keen couples, as well as a number of art galleries, art museums and other cultural institutions. There are many things to do in Worcester, Massachusetts, but there is also the opportunity to reclaim your own farm so you can enjoy some time outdoors without even having to go there! The Worcester Art Museum is a wonderful destination for art lovers of all kinds, and has more than 35,000 works of art in various exhibitions and historical collections.

The exhibits inspired by the city of Worcester are super interactive and If you have a little one who likes to press buttons, you spend a lot of time here.

If you are in the Worcester area, be sure to visit Overlook, where you can enjoy a variety of stimulating activities throughout the year. The Massachusetts Pirates will provide additional excitement with indoor football, the Worcester Railers with professional hockey or an indoor basketball game. Sports-mad children don't want to miss out on the live action, because Braveheart has home games all year round, even in the winter months.

Music enriches culture - a weekend with a performance by the Symphony Orchestra at Mechanics Hall, sponsored by Music Worcester. There is also a special performance at Mechanics Hall, where the Worcester-based Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra will perform.

Visit the Worcester Art Museum to see paintings and sculptures from around the world, including an exhibition of authentic medieval artifacts. Take on a new artistic style at ARTSWorcester at Worcester Windows, where emerging - and emerging - artists show off their creative chops. Enjoy a look at the collection of artworks by artists from the United States, Europe and Asia.

Head down Shrewsbury Street to experience the authentic Italian place where you can sample the Drunk Ziti, the classic chicken and Parmesan. Visit the Boulevard Diner for Worcester State omelette and Italian breakfast, among Worcester's best comfort food. Depending on where you eat, drink, sleep and find art in Worcester, there is a great variety of art in and around Worcester.

The Worcester Lunch Car Company produced the original 1930s dinners here and shipped them around the country. On your historic odyssey to Worcester, you should visit one of the oldest Worcester-made restaurants, the Worcester Diner.

There are many activities in the Worcester area that you and your grandchildren will enjoy. This day trip is a popular family getaway because it is located in the heart of the city, just blocks from downtown Worcester, and features many of the most popular tourist attractions such as the Old Town Hall and State House and its historic buildings.

Filling a day with one or two enjoyable activities is easy, and putting these five activities on the list above is guaranteed to be an amazing travel experience in Worcester. Join us on a one-hour walking tour and visit the place where revolutionary history created Worcester! Check out some of our fun ideas for winter in Worcester or write your own favourites in the comments!

Briarwood Retirement is located in Worcester, close to some of the biggest attractions, and although it is out of town, its campus is spacious, private and beautiful. The Central Massachusetts Craft Beer Trail takes you from Worcester Brewing Co. to New England Brewing Company and then back to Worcester City Hall.

The Worcester Historical Museum (WHM) is located in Worcester, just blocks from Worcester City Hall. The Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which honors Vietnam War veterans in Massachusetts, is the largest monument of its kind in the country.

The Blackstone River Bikeway makes it easy to drive from Worcester to Millbury and back in less than an hour. Although parts of it are often maintained, it is the best way to discover the scenic beauty of the historic Worcester neighbourhoods and the city itself. The completed trail in Rhode Island connects Lincoln, Cumberland, Manville and Woonsocket, and so far the completed trails in Massachusetts have connected Worcester and Millbury. It is a unique opportunity to expose yourself to the people, to the historical events that have been created in Worcester.

Worcester is located in the heart of New England and there is much to discover about the city's history, its history and its people. Worcester is home to a whopping 12 colleges, including the only state college in Massachusetts to receive the prestigious "Best College in America" award from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities in 2013.

If you're looking for some fun in Worcester, make sure you visit some of the city's great museums. The Salisbury Mansion, where you can learn about the local gentleman and merchant StephenSalisbury. If you are visiting this city for the first time, we recommend you see the Red Sox game at Fenway Park or visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Sightseeing in Boston is a great way to spend a day (or more), but you'll find plenty of fun and activity for children and adults here in Worcester.

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