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Make Music Worcester invites members of the Worcester community to join in this celebration of live music by hosting musical acts, attending free concerts and programs, and performing at events such as Music in the Arts Day Worcester. Please note that all performances must comply with the audio regulations listed on the City of Worcester website. If an event meets our qualifications, it can be open to all, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. We promote outdoor music performances, educate our youth to improve creativity, and create opportunities for budding students in music education and production, as well as in art and culture education.

Guests can enter through the back entrance of the property and park in the parking lot on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue. Guests can also park in one of our parking lots on the west side of State Street or outside the entrance of the Worcester Public Library on South Street.

If you want to play live, Union Music has "Open Mike" in our performance room, which can accommodate about 50 musicians. For bands and individuals we also offer a wide variety of live music, from jazz, blues, country, folk, rock and country - rock. On the rear ground floor there is a professional recording studio with a full range of recording devices and devices.

One such room is the aptly named Guitar Room, which houses dozens of acoustic guitars, ukuleles and mandolins. Then there are various repair shops where we patiently wait for new bodies, necks, cords and hinges to be revived. In Worcester, our facility ensures that we can open as soon as the coast is clear and as late as possible.

Let's help you prepare for the show this year on the Common series, and we'll join you for a program of reflection and inspiration. Join us as we focus on the new studio and performance hall of Saint John the Baptist Church in Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts. Whether you're a local or a Westboro musician, you can prepare for your performance or concert by being part of the Worcester Symphony Orchestra's annual concert series at St. Patrick's Church.

You will also experience a classic selection of dance inspirations, including a performance by the Worcester Symphony Orchestra and a special performance by the New England Ballet Orchestra. You will also enjoy beautiful traditional melodies played by one of Worcester's most talented harpists and dancers. The award-winning harpist has a degree in music from the New England Conservatory and has lived in Westboro since she was 18.

Moore, who retired from the local music scene in 2000, has resurfaced in recent years with a new music project with the Worcester Symphony Orchestra and the New England Ballet Orchestra, as well as at a number of other venues.

Bull Mansion in downtown Worcester offers live shows in an upstairs room that has potential, and the same owner has also had success with the Worcester Symphony Orchestra and the New England Ballet Orchestra. The band has been to the venue several times in the past, most recently in May. Their songs can be heard on the band's website as well as on their Facebook page and YouTube.

Guests flock to countless nightclubs to enjoy excellent local music mixed with national acts making stops in the city. Then there are so many bars that offer live music, which means there is something for everyone. For several years, the house has hosted concerts by local bands such as the Worcester Symphony Orchestra and the New England Ballet Orchestra, and offers a fine menu.

We are happy when people who are interested in singing in the Vespers service come to our rehearsals. Unless otherwise stated, the choir is open to all members of the community and non-members to rehearse and / or perform with us.

Haydn and Chopin will be performed in concert with music from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Public Schools and Boston College. Visitors are invited to stay for a concert sponsored by Music for Saints at 5 p.m., which will feature Haydn's Hallelujah Chorus and a solo performance by pianist and choir member Michael D'Amico.

Pakachoag Music School will share inspiring music and conversations about the New Year as we consider the many positive opportunities music or art can bring to our community. The Worcester County Poetry Society will dance with us - inspired poems, including a performance by Worcester Prize-winning poet Curt Curtin. Make Music Worcester is a free, open to the public music festival in Worcester, Mass., on Saturday, Jan. In contrast to the typical music festivals, "Make Music" is open to everyone who wants to participate.

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